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Avaya + Nortel = Exponentially Better

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Dane Newman

On January 19th, 2010 Avaya unveiled their Technology Roadmap for the future of the products they acquired in their purchase of Nortel.  It was refreshing from a number of standpoints.  First, they did what they said they were going to do; they presented a roadmap one month after the acquisition was finalized.  They chose an approach to protect the current investments made by Nortel and Avaya users. And, they unveiled a strategy using SIP to connect client communications to other business applications via their Aura platform.

This approach shows that they do not want customers to have to rip and replace their systems. It shows they did not just “buy the base”. The model gives their clients the time and ability to progress to more integrated communications enabled business process on their own terms. They can keep what works and evolve to the sophistication they need. A customer can upgrade to the latest software and not have to throw away the bulk of their switch hardware and terminals.

We have prepared a presentation for the Indianapolis Nortel users group that includes some of the slides presented in the roadmap.

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