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Avaya's Long Purple Tail

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Keith Doucette

What happens when you mix the color Red (Avaya) which represents energy, strength and determination with the color Blue (Nortel) which represents reliability, trust and loyalty?  You get Purple which combines the reliability of Blue and the energy and strength of Red.

We have been a Nortel Partner for the past 25 years and recently undertook the on-boarding process as an approved Avaya Partner based on the fact that Avaya purchased the assets and intellectual property of the Nortel enterprise portfolio of products and personnel.

Avaya-Nortel RoadmapAfter participating in the Avaya partner and public technology roadmap presentations we are excited about the direction the new Avaya is heading. Instead of dealing in just one primary color, Nortel Blue, we now have another primary color, Avaya Red plus an exciting secondary color, Purple. We believe this decision to integrate and blend the two most trusted technologies in the industry together positions Avaya as a leader in the next generation telecommunication and unified messaging market.

Whether you are an existing Avaya, Nortel or a new customer, having a pallet of technology options from one vendor should put you at ease as you look forward to your own technology decision roadmaps for the coming years and for many years to come.

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