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Nortel Contact Center Manager Product Roadmap

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Todd Martin

Amidst the integration of the Nortel product line, Avaya is continuing to roll out updates to Call Center manager. The Nortel product will actually be the first, out of the entire portfolio, to make the leap to Avaya’s Next Generation Context Center.

Nortel’s Contact Center manager 7.1 is available now. The challenge with this release is that when an agent transfers a call outside of the call center itself, all tracking information regarding the call is lost… important information such as first-call-resolution, time-to-resolution etc.

Nortel-Avaya Call Center Manager Roadmap


Next month, Avaya will upgrade Call Center Manager to their Next Generation Cotext Center (NGCC) 1.0. The main architecture difference between the two is that all calls will be anchored on the MASS server (multimedia application server). Instead of physically transferring the call, the NGCC will actually anchor the call and then conference in resources such as other agents, applications, integrations etc… The call itself will never move. This architecture will bring Avaya a step closer to being able to provide a more context oriented call experience and will provide more comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Avaya will provide a link to the NGCC through AML or SIP. The AML provides the capability to connect to legacy systems.

The next NGCC release (2.0) is due out in Nov.

Note: Nortel heritage products have adopted the Avaya release schedule of May and November.

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