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Avaya Introduces - CallPilot Compatibility with VMWare

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Todd Martin

Avaya just introduced CallPilotTM compatibility with VMWare© on September 7, 2010 for use on customer-provided web-servers for all supplemental application components such as CallPilot Manager, CallPilot Reporter, My CallPilot, and Password Change/Reset service.

Why is this important?

While most CallPilot web components can run directly on the CallPilot server, you can choose to host some or all web components on a separate server for the following reasons:

Larger enterprise customers, or those with more demanding traffic levels, improve responsiveness and resilience of CallPilot Manager and My CallPilot by hosting these components from the same customer-provided web-server used for Reporter.

CallPilot Reporter, used for reporting on up to 20 CallPilot systems, cannot be hosted by the CallPilot server given both its CPU-intensive anytime/anywhere reporting and large disk-space requirements to store the OM database.

Compatibility Reference

The following outlines product minimum compatibility details:

CallPilot supported Web-Server Operating Systems:

  • Windows 2000 Server (Standard version)/Service Pack 1 with IIS 5.0/Service Pack 1
  • Windows 2003 Server (Standard version)/Service Pack 2 with IIS 6.0
  • Windows Vista (Standard or Enterprise)/Service Pack 1 with IIS 7.0

CallPilot components:

  • CallPilot Manager/Reporter (released with Service Update 8) or later
  • My CallPilot (released with Service Update 8) or later

VMWare application and version:

  • Workstation 6.5.4
  • Server 2.0.1

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