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Avaya Releases CallPilot 5.0 Service Update 8 (SU8)

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Todd Martin

Avaya just announced (9/9/2010) General Availability of Service Update 8 for CallPilot 5.0 servers.

*Important note to Meridian Mail users. If your company is still running the CallPilot predecessor Meridian Mail, it is going to be critically important to upgrade to CallPilot as soon as possible. Not only will that enable all of the added features, functionality, and patches that have been added, it will also make it possible for you to access Avaya support when needed. If you have questions about this, please let me know.

What is Service Update 8 (SU8)?
SU8 is the latest in a series of Service Updates made available for CallPilot 5.0 systems. The update comprises six components: a CallPilot server update with additional features and software patches bundled in; improved versions of CallPilot Manager/Reporter, Application Builder, Desktop Messaging client, My CallPilot web-messaging application, and server security update.

Combined, these components further enhance CallPilot performance by incorporating all content previously released within earlier SUs/PEPs and over 100 additional quality improvements and customer-requested capabilities.

Features and Enhancements included in CallPilot 5.0 SU8

CallPilot Server:

  • Simplified Configuration Wizard operation for multimedia allocation table assignments
  • AUI-S style TUI now provides prompting to enable Message Forwarding Rules
  • Increased Sybase database security
  • Increased Voice Forms capacity and improved handling

CallPilot Manager/Reporter:

  • Updated online help and NTP documentation for new 1006r server
  • New “manageable” alphanumeric address for “Postmaster” account.
  • Easier wild-card operation for archiving Voice Forms and Application Builder applications
  • New administrator “enforced” read-receipts option for desktop fax
  • Ability to identify SU/PEP details from within CallPilot Manager
  • Improved CallPilot server and Reporter web-server communications robustness

Application Builder:

  • Introduces Windows 7 Operating System (OS) compatibility

Desktop Messaging:

  • Improved operation within GroupWise 8.0.1

My CallPilot:

  • Introduces Windows 7 Operating System (OS) compatibility
  • Introduces Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) browser compatibility
  • Increased security within client and online help operation


  • Additional event codes added for improved troubleshooting
  • Improved clarity/severity settings for ease of understanding
  • Improved guardrails prevent improper DSP configuration

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