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Avaya IP Office's Top 3 Mobility Features That You Should be Taking Advantage of... Today!

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David Williams

IP Office is Avaya’s Small business phone system and they have packed in some innovative mobility features in their 7.0 release. Some of these fun features are not widely known yet and it’s important to note how much they can improve communication while you (or your employees) are on the go. Listed below are my top 3 favorite IP Office mobility capabilities:

Ring your desk phone and mobile phone… at the same time - called “Mobile Twinning.”

This feature allows you to enter your mobile phone number into the IP Office system and send incoming calls to ring both your desk phone and mobile phone… at the same time. If you don’t answer the call, the IP Office system will make sure that the voicemail gets recorded on your office system… ensuring that you are easy to reach and only have one place to search for messages.


  1. Not only can this feature be toggled on/off anytime, but time profiles can be used allowing for twinning to only take place during certain times of the day and specific days of the week, etc. (i.e. Business hours)
  2. Ability to differentiate and allow only calls coming from outside your organization to be sent to your mobile phone if you wish. 
  3. With a little practice, you can handle a call received on your mobile device just as you can on your desk phone. This includes; transferring, conferencing, and recording calls.
  4. You can even “hand” the call off between desk phones and mobile phones with one touch of a button (seriously, it’s that easy). If the call is being handed off from the mobile device to the desk phone the result is instantaneous and in most cases the caller cannot even tell. When the call is being handed off from the desk phone to the mobile, the call will be placed on hold and the users mobile will ring.  As soon as you answer your mobile phone, the call will be sent through. It’s just that easy!

Mobile Callback

This feature allows you to place a call from your office phone number with your mobile phone. Here’s how it works. First, dial a specific number (that is set up by your system administrator) and, after a few rings, hang-up. The IP Office phone system will then call you back on your mobile phone and give you your office phone’s dial tone… All you have to do is dial like you normally would, such as an office extension, or outside number and the call will be placed from your office phone number (on your mobile phone). Here are a couple of pros for this feature:

  1. When used to dial external numbers, the caller id information that is sent will come from your office phone.
  2. Can be cost effective depending on the user’s mobile phone contract and long distance charges. This is obviously dependent on certain variables, but could be tailored to individual needs.
  3. With a little practice, you can even transfer, conference, or record calls as well.

Mobile Phone Apps

Avaya IP Office iPhone AppThere is also currently an iPhone App that can be used for a much more robust interface with the Avaya IP Office when you are on the go (v. 7.0). You can download the iPhone app by clicking on the link - Avaya One-X mobile lite. When properly configured by your system administrator, the mobile user’s iPhone can perform such functions as placing and answering calls, choosing whether to simultaneously ring your mobile phone on or off, setting your phone to “do not disturb,” and much more.. 

*This application does require proper licensing and at least six available digital inbound trunks.

If you need any help in cranking up the mobility features in your Avaya IP Office phone system, give us a call, we would be happy to help!

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