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How to Create an Emergency Dial Option for Avaya IP Office

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We all know that common practices of tornado drills, fire drills and even evacuations saves many lives every day. But what about the emergencies when you need to call 911 or internal security when you’re in immediate danger? Of course none of us want to think about this happening. But what if I could help you prepare for it better?

During one of my projects, a customer had this exact need; to be able to contact 911 with a simple motion, that wouldn’t be noticed or take precious time dialing.

With Avaya IP Office phone system, it’s easy to be creative and smart!  How was the customer’s need resolved? Well, when I offered our customer an ALERT button feature to be programmed on his company’s phones, he was thrilled!

Here is the step by step instructions for your Administrator to follow to add the button feature to your Avaya Telephone:

  1. Sign into Avaya IP Office Manager

  2. In the Navigation Pane to the left, select User Rights

  3. Click on the Button Programming Tab & select a new button & hit Edit

  4. In the Label field, enter the name of the button feature, for this example I entered “ALERT”

  5. Under Action drop-down menus, select Advanced -> Dial -> Dial Emergency

  6. Enter the emergency number under the Action Data

  7. Be sure to click OK to Save.



Now with just pressing the ALERT button, 911 or your internal security personnel can be called immediately!

It makes me feel good that I can help fulfill my customers’ needs, so let me know if this helped you too!

Thanks for stopping by and reach out if you need any help with your Avaya IP Office system.


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