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Faxing Solution for Avaya IP Office - Adding S-P-A-C-E to Expand Your Universe

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In 2011, Multi-Tech System’s virtual FaxFinder was compliance tested for the compatibility with Avaya IP Office Systems. This virtual faxing opens up a whole new world as it allows you to fax from one computer to the next, without having to go to the office or walk down the hall to do so. This means virtual fax servers is an easier and a faster way to send a document without actually using a fax machine. I bet you can already see the cost savings in this!

So let me tell you more about Adding S-P-A-C-E to Expand Your Universe.

  • S is for Secure System: FaxFinder is a secure system so you won’t have to worry about privacy issues. The connection is completely secure and encryption lets your messages stay private. The server will filter out spam faxes automatically and lost faxes can be restored. Another helpful feature is an inventory of all faxes you send will be saved on the server, which is readily accessible. When you send a fax, you receive a verification and a confirmation notice, so you can have a peace of mind that your message has been sent and received correctly.

  • P is for Productivity: Faxing itself is becoming a slightly outdated technology, however FaxFinder provides a way you can still send or receive a faxed document in a productive way.

  • A is for Accessibility: Since FaxFinder is virtual faxing, faxes can be sent from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! So if you have a MAC, PC, a tablet or even a Smartphone app, you can easily get set up. This accessibility will allow employees to continue with their mobility functions like traveling to customer sites, or attending meetings without being tied to the office fax machine.

  • C is for Cost Reduction: Using the virtual FaxFinder eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line. When you have the virtual faxing ability, the line that comes with mandatory upgrades, the maintenance fees and the monthly bills will be eliminated. Additionally, there are huge cost savings from not needing to purchase a fax machine, fax paper, and toner.

  • E is for Efficiencies: Since the virtual faxing is done with your MAC, PC, a tablet or even a Smartphone app, there is less time wasted by you or by employees, who would normally have to spend time waiting for faxes to arrive as well as the possibility of a malfunctioning fax machine. Virtual faxing is a faster way to send a document no matter where it is going. Which also in turn, helps workers and yourself be more efficient with managing time, and we all know that time equals money! Another aspect of the virtual faxing is that it saves time if you need to send a document to more than one recipient; no more re-feeding the fax machine over and over for multiple faxing.


I’ve shown you that there are a lot of benefits to this innovation; from adding a secure fax system, to increasing productivity, to accessibility with ease, to cost reduction and better efficiencies. However another advantage of virtual faxing with FaxFinder is being conscious of our world! By using the virtual FaxFinder and Avaya IP Office Systems together, you are reducing fax paper, which will save trees, and eliminating ink cartridges, so you’re reducing the trash in our landfills as well. 

So when you’re ready to expand your universe with virtual faxing, think about adding S-P-A-C-E with Multi-Tech System’s FaxFinder and Avaya IP Office Systems, and drop us a line, we’re always here to help make your world a better place.

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