4 Keys to Unlocking the Voice of the Customer in your Contact Center

Recently a co-worker was planning a camping trip with her family. Of course every successful camping trip involves S’mores. So while going shopping for all the items she needed, she ran across something that really caught her off guard -- S’more sized marshmallows!

Customer Service Whac-A-Mole

Steve McKinney

For all those Customer Service Managers and Directors out there who read that title, you may think you know what I’m about to say. Spoiler Alert! This will not be a blog telling you how to improve your processes or what to do about social media in your contact center. While we can learn a lot from those topics, I believe we, as customer care professionals, often feel as though we are getting hit from every angle with tons of great ideas, but sometimes not knowing where to start. So today I want to level with you and to talk to you about some of the pain points in your contact center.  


"I Know What I Want and I Want it Now" - Why empowering customers with knowledge is critical for your contact center

Christy Green

"I know what I want and I want it now”, the lyrics of the 90’s song popped into my head as I browsed fruitlessly through a cable company’s website (to protect the guilty, I won’t give their name). All I wanted to find out was how much it would cost me per month for cable and internet, and didn’t have a lot of time, nor did I want to spend a lot of time, clicking around trying to find it.

3 Simple Steps to Build an ROI for Your Customer Experience Projects

Chris Dellen

It happens time and time again, and never fails to break my heart. The customer experience executive proposes a project that will improve customer satisfaction by 10-15%. The executive team commends the individual on their incredible work, but then the sales executive presents his proposal. If his initiative is funded, he projects to drive an additional $4 Million in sales.

You know how this story goes. Perhaps you’ve been in a meeting similar to this.

10 Key Takeaways that Could Rock Your Contact Center's World

Chris Dellen

In the past 3 weeks, I have had the opportunity to listen to experts from around the world discuss where contact centers are headed in the next five years. During that time I have traveled over 2,500 miles on planes, trains, and automobiles; consumed 27 cups of Starbucks; and sat through 44 sessions from industry experts.

I’ll present more detail surrounding each of these in subsequent blog posts, but for now, I hope you take a second and think about how these will impact your contact center.

Here's' what I have learned:

Insights to Jumpstarting your Customer-Facing Knowledge Base

Chris Dellen

Building a customer-facing knowledge base is one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of calls that come into your contact center. Added bonus: the impact can be immediate. For those getting started on building a knowledge base from the ground up, it may seem like a large task to pull together the “knowledge” itself. I will share a few insights to get you started and to save you a ton of time.

If you already have a customer-facing knowledge base, I believe you'll find a couple of these insights helpful too.

Quantifying the Impact of Good Customer Service

Christy Green

These days, most goods and services are commodities, making product differentiation a challenge. However, top companies are realizing in this customer-centric era, the best way to differentiate their company is by the experience they deliver to customers, not on the products they sell.

Is it Time for Spring Cleaning in Your Contact Center?

Ruth Lochary

I admire people who do spring cleaning. I barely have time for “regular” cleaning – let alone the super-enhanced “Spring Cleaning.” I think, “If only I could get “Spring Cleaning” done with some help and without a big hassle.” Sigh….

When was the last time your call center revised your auto-attendant script? Does the thought of that remind you of “Spring Cleaning” – a big job that takes forever? I have two ideas to help you get this job done easily.

10 Tips to Managing Inbound Emails in Your Contact Center (Part 2)

Chris Dellen

As I mentioned in my last post, inbound email can be one of the most inefficient, disorganized and unmeasured channels of communication in the contact center.  

Here are the final 5 tips to help you reign in and better manage those inbound emails.

10 Tips for Managing Inbound Emails in Your Contact Center (Part 1)

Chris Dellen

Inbound email can be one of the most disorganized, inefficient, unsupervised, and unmeasured communication channels in the contact center. With our customers’ expectations climbing at an unprecedented rate, it is a communication channel that can’t be left behind. 

Through experience and research, I have discovered 10 effective ways to help contact center supervisors overcome the inbound email challenge.