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How to Create Callbacks with Voice Messages in CIC

David Currier

Recently, we’ve had some requests to modify the base CIC/PureCloud functionality to add voice messages to callback requests.

Polycom Firmware Issue

David Currier

ININ has released a warning regarding a bad version of the Polycom firmware that was released in certain versions of CIC. Polycom has pulled the version of firmware and a fix is included in the current CIC release.

CIC 2017 R1 Highlights

Gavin Waggoner

CIC 2017 R1 was released November 1, 2016! This release includes some cool new features, and today I’d like to share several of the highlights with you.

Important Info for Polycom Phones with CIC

David Currier

If your organization is planning to purchase new Polycom phones to be used with an Interactive Intelligence CIC system, it is VERY important to verify that your CIC software is up-to-date to be able to support them. Earlier this year, Polycom introduced a new MAC address range for their phones due to running out of older addresses. To support this, they have released new firmware that is included with current releases of CIC.

Does the Quality Program in Your Contact Center Help Build a Great Customer Experience?

Have you heard the term “happy wife, happy life?” Well, the same could apply to your quality program, but it goes something like this “happy agents, happy customers.”

How to Add a Custom Idle Screen Logo to Polycom Phones in CIC

David Currier

Polycom phones support a custom idle screen logo in place of the default. For this set of instructions, I’ll assume you have Polycom VVX phones… and if you don’t, take a look at them and consider upgrading.

Why Should I Care about WebRTC When I Already Have a Soft Phone?

Although this isn’t a post diving deep into the technical underpinnings of WebRTC, I hope you walk away with a better understanding of how it compares to the traditional PBX or IP PBX soft phones. What I am really trying to answer today is the question “Why should you care?”

Complimentary Text-to-Speech Prompt Generation Utility

David Currier

A few years ago, I got tired of spending hours recording test prompts to use when developing a new call flow.

Interactive Intelligence Purchased by Genesys - What does that mean for me?

Cliff Arellano

A week ago today, a rumor that Genesys was considering purchasing ININ turned into a reality.

Highlights of CIC 2016 R4

Gavin Waggoner

CIC 2016 R4 was released August 9, 2016. In this post, I’d like to highlight a few new features I found interesting in this release.