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Customizing Interaction Center

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David Currier

One of the most significant advantages of the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) product is its flexibility. Out of the box, it has a robust set of features just in Interaction Attendant that enables complex attendant applications without requiring knowledge of a programming language. This includes database and remote data query (SOAP) operations, combined with the ability to logically evaluate and act on the data returned.

Beyond this, CIC also enables customization of event handlers using its own graphical design interface, Interaction Designer. This allows customers to create very complex custom applications within the system while still not requiring the use of a programming language, though a basic understanding of programming concepts is helpful.

Finally, for those who need to leverage the capabilities of Interaction Center to the limit or integrate with in-house custom applications, CIC provides the Interaction Center Extension Library (IceLib), an object-based, strongly-typed, Common Language Specification (CLS) conforming API that gives incredible power to developers using modern .Net languages.

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