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How to Customize CIC Hold Music

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David Currier

Have you ever noticed that a phone system can often be identified by its default hold music? Well, Interaction Center is no exception... and that could be good or bad depending on whether or not you like the packaged music. Either way, you may want to change the system hold music for holidays, special occasions, or simply for variety. Here's how to do it:

  1. Find new music - There are many sources of royalty-free music around the web... or you may have your own band.

  2. Convert the audio files - Interaction Center requires wave files that are 8 bit 8 kHz mono (CCITT mμ-law). Use an audio editor (Audacity, NCH WavePad Studio, Sony Vegas, etc.) to convert your new audio files to the correct format. Failure to do this will result in Interaction Center attempting to convert the audio files on the fly for every play instance. Not only will it sound terrible, but I've seen this take a system down.

  3. Name new audio files - There are 9 default wave files used by the system that you will need to replace.
    • SystemAudioOnHold0.wav
    • SystemAudioOnHold1.wav
    • SystemAudioOnHold2.wav
    • SystemAudioOnHold3.wav
    • SystemAudioOnHold4.wav
    • SystemAudioOnHold5.wav
    • SystemAudioOnHold6.wav
    • SystemAudioOnHold7.wav
    • SystemDefaultAudioOnHold.wav

  4. Replace current audio files - The current copies of these files are stored on the IC server in the ..\I3\IC\Resources path (if you're not sure where this is located, look at the Resource Path server parameter in Interaction Administrator). Make a backup of the default hold music files (even if you don't like them). Now replace them with your newly converted audio files.

  5. Enjoy - Call your system and listen to the sound of perfection.

*Note: If your organization uses media servers, additional work may be needed depending on how they are configured. Check with your Interactive Intelligence partner if you need assistance.

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