Enterprise Communication Solutions

Make customer and employee interactions easy, natural, convenient, and productive—anywhere and anytime.

Enterprise IT and network managers and their users face a rising paradox. Demands are up. Budgets are flat. Neither one of these realities is going away anytime soon. In this scenario, the only feasible answer is to invest wisely in areas that will deliver positive and rapid ROI—whether by reducing costs, boosting employee productivity, enhancing customer relationships, or extending the value of existing systems. You can achieve all of these advantages by converging the many ways your employees engage with customers and with each other—telephone, e-mail, Web, and video conferencing—into one efficient, cost-effective network. Convergence is more than voice over IP (VoIP)—it is the delivery of voice, video, data, and applications over one network—wired or wireless. At CPI, you can realize your business objectives with unified solutions that can be implemented at your pace—by adopting a revolutionary or evolutionary approach to best meet your needs. 

Empower your employees for productivity and collaboration:

Conduct business without boundaries as the workplace becomes more of a conceptual than a physical place, and as teams collaborate with colleagues and partners across the campus and around the world.

  • Do you need a cost-effective way to connect telecommuters, small branches, and mobile workers?
  • Is the organization’s travel budget restricted, but the need for ‘face-to-face’ meetings still high?
  • Are network costs and toll charges too high for connecting workers across all locations?
  • Are callers finding it difficult to reach the right person, especially mobile workers?
  • Are you unable to extend the same calling and messaging features to all users?

CPI answers these questions with a unified network infrastructure, services, and applications that increase productivity and collaboration throughout the organization, while reducing network costs.

For your customers:
Unified communications seamlessly blend customer service agents and Web capabilities with voice communications—melding various customer touch-points into one proactive, intelligent system that can anticipate customer wants and needs and deliver time-critical information to them via any method they prefer—such as phone, e-mail, or online chat. For your IT group, as a network operator... Unifying onto a single, reliable, easy-to-manage IP infrastructure for all your communications dramatically reduces costs—from 10 to 30 percent, according to our customers.  For the organization as a whole... Unification makes “business without boundaries” a reality. You can customize interactions, unify channels, accelerate responses, increase revenues, and foster more profitable customer relationships.

Set new standards for premium customer care

Capitalize on IP Telephony, advanced speech recognition, and the Web to improve customer contact costs, productivity, and performance—without overhauling the network.

  • Are your customer contact centers expected to handle higher call volumes without more agents?
  • Do you need a cost-effective way to support agents at many remote locations?
  • Is it getting too costly to keep up with agent moves, adds, and changes?
  • Is the budget stretched thin to cover extended hours, multiple time zones, and seasonal volumes?
  • Are call hold times and abandoned call rates approaching or exceeding unacceptable levels?

Unified communications from CPI makes it easy, natural, and efficient for customers to do business with you from anywhere, at any time—whether they want to reach you by e-mail, phone, Web, or a combination of methods. More than just running customer contact center services over IP, unified solutions enable you to enhance, expedite, and personalize the customer experience in new ways, while significantly reducing costs.