Comprehensive Contact Center Solutions

Helping you align your people, processes, and technology to deliver extraordinary customer service

Today, there is more pressure than ever on organizations to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This pressure is being caused by two factors: 1) The increasing power of your customer to easily buy products and solutions from your competitors, and 2) Your customer’s ability to share their experiences, good or bad with hundreds or even thousands of their closest socially networked friends.

Where does the contact center fit into this changing world? It’s actually one of the most critical points of interaction with customers. Think about the last time you called a contact center. It was probably your last resort to getting product information, fixing your problem, or reporting an issue with the company. And, if the organization failed to satisfactorily help you solve your issue, you may choose to completely stop doing business with them.  RightNow’s 2010 Customer Impact Report showed that 82% of respondents who had a poor customer experience actually stopped doing business with the organization altogether.

The problem with many of today’s contact centers is that they were designed for their convenience, not their customer’s. The contact centers that are becoming more customer centric are the ones that are retaining their customers, gaining market share and dominating their competition.

At CPI, we are passionate about helping contact centers like yours transform the way you interact with your customers. We do that by closely analyzing the way your people, processes, and technology impact:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Your organization financially
    • Productivity
    • Revenue Generation
    • Cost Savings

Collectively, our group of experts have worked in or managed contact centers for decades. Because of their comprehensive knowledge of the technology that powers a contact center, CPI can be the catalyst you need to transform your customer experience from end-to-end.

We have partnered with industry leading vendors to bring you all of the technologies needed to power world-class contact centers, from ACD to Social Media routing:

Below are some of the Specific things we help our customers with on a daily basis.

  • PBX / IP-PBX or cloud based
  • IVR/Speech-enabled Service
  • Workforce Management
  • Multi-Channel, Multi-Site, and home-agent Routing using rich presence
    • Telephony
    • Web chat
    • SMS
    • Email / Email Response Management
    • Collaborative browsing
  • Web Self Service
  • Call / Screen Recording and Agent Scoring
  • 3rd Party integrations with CRM, ERP, and Accounting systems
  • Reporting/Analytics/Business Intelligence
  • Customer Feedback/Measurement tools
  • Real-time Speech Analytics
  • Business process routing, tracking, and reporting
  • Customer Intent matching
  • Knowledgebase
  • Agent scripting for, call, email, chat, sms, etc.
  • Social Media integration / Monitoring / Sentiment Analysis
  • Outbound Dialing / Proactive Contact
  • On Premise / Cloud-based solutions
  • Application Development
  • Dynamic Agent Desktop

If you would like to transform the way your organization interacts with your customers, give us a call. We count it our privilege to help you deliver the very best customer experience.