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Up Next on August 22 at 3:00 pm EDT:  Is It the Right Time for OPA? 

Has your organization been looking for an online/mobile solution to take your web forms and self-service options to the next level? Learn how to empower your customers and free up your call center agents with the intuitive and intelligent features of Oracle Policy Automation (OPA), a powerful solution that integrates with a variety of data management systems.

Oracle Policy Automation is likely to be a good fit where there are clear decisions to be made based on existing rules. For example:

– Identify the best product for a customer

– Determine if a person is eligible for a special type of medical treatment, qualifies for a mortgage or is entitled to benefits

Historically, it has taken a considerable amount of time for contact center agents to walk a customer through the scenarios listed above. With Oracle Policy Automation, the entire process is automated. Designed with the business user in mind, all of these things can be accomplished by your organization without the help of a developer.

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Here’s the upcoming Ask the Experts schedule:

September TBA Improving Agent Productivity: Overview of the difference between a Workspace, Scripts, and Workflow

October TBA – Maintaining your Knowledge Base: Is your Knowledge Base collecting cobwebs?

January TBA – Oracle Policy Automation vs. Ask a Question

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