By: Dave Clark On: July 02, 2018 In: Genesys, Interactive Intelligence Comments: 0

When I was growing up, our small town newspaper frequently ran an ad for the local chiropractor. In the ad, a pensive, doctor-ish, looking man with his hand on his chin pondered the question, “Did you know that every move you make depends on your back (or spine)?” If you’ve […]

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By: Dave Clark On: October 25, 2017 In: Genesys, Interactive Intelligence, PureConnect Comments: 2

In the event that you have been hanging out in Antarctica for the last decade, SMS is popular. It’s so popular, my 89 year old grandma does it. In 2012, Forrester Research estimated that 6 BILLION text messages are sent per day in the US (A large number of those […]

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Is it worthwhile to keep your PureConnect systems patched or should you wait for the next release? The answer is a nuanced one. Patches provide software fixes to PureConnect (CIC) servers and clients for the six most recent releases. For example, CIC 2017 R3 released on April 17, 2017. That […]

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