Avaya Communication Server 1000

A full-featured IP-distributed telephony communications system, it provides the benefits of network convergence and collaborative communications, while providing all your employees with access to productivity-enhancing applications from Avaya Aura™ unified communications.

The Communication Server 1000 is a highly scalable communications platform that can evolve and grow with your business needs. It incorporates comprehensive resilience and security capabilities, helping ensure the protection of your network, its traffic and your users. Primarily a software-based solution configured with Avaya Aura™ System Manager, the Communication Sever 1000 consists of the following key elements:

  • The Call Server application provides reliable call and connection management service. It controls the system software and is capable of supporting up to 40,000 IP clients per server, as well as enabling geographically redundant configurations to help ensure business continuity.
  • The IP Signaling and Network Routing Services perform important IP call control capabilities such as registration of IP terminals and IP endpoints, IP address translation and bandwidth control. In conjunction with the Avaya AuraTM Session Manager, IT managers benefit from a single network dialing plan that delivers greater scalability and supports centralized management of the enterprise network.
  • Media Gateways support a complete range of analog, digital and IP/SIP line and trunk interfaces enabling the delivery of hybrid IP and SIP gateway solutions. Their flexibility enhances the Communication Server 1000 main and branch offices by delivering survivable, scalable, resilient gateway platforms that are cost effective to address low capacity requirements and scalable to fulfill high capacity requirements. The system modularity enables a “pay as you grow” business model.

Supporting Standard Availability (SA), High Availability (HA), and High Scalability (HS) options, the Communication Server 1000 comes in multiple deployment configurations and can scale with an HS configuration up to 150,000 IP users. These can include co-resident call and signaling server applications, TDM-only options for SA configurations, or integrated hardware to run call server and IP Signaling and Network Routing applications. Alternatively, you can choose commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers for running the IP Signaling and Network Routing applications with full support of all features and capabilities, including multiple redundancy configurations.

The Communication Server 1000 supports a broad portfolio of business-critical applications including unified messaging, web-based contact center applications, SIP-based multimedia services, integration with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, IBM Lotus Sametime desktop environments and over 750 world-class business telephony features designed to keep your enterprise competitive.

An integrated access element of the Avaya Aura™ solution, the Communication Server 1000E delivers the capabilities, feature richness and flexibility that enable a simple path that embraces the Avaya Aura™ unified communications solution. The latest Communication Server 1000 release integrates with the Avaya Aura™ Session Manager, delivering the benefits of a single consolidated dial plan as well as full SIP signaling and routing across Communication Server 1000 and Avaya Aura™ Communication Manager systems within the same communication network. Solutions including Avaya Aura™ Messaging and Avaya Aura™ Conferencing can now be directly accessed via an integrated SIP architecture, providing network administrators and users alike with feature-rich, highly scalable unified communications solutions available to everyone regardless of the access element being used.