By: Chris Dellen On: December 10, 2010 In: CPI Comments: 0

I just finished watching John Kotter (Professor of Leadership, Emeritus Harvard Business School and author of an entire bookshelf full of books on change) talk about his new book Buy In. There are some takeaways for IT.

In the IT realm, change is one of the few constants that we can count on. It doesn’t matter if you are a CIO looking to launch a high-stakes business process improvement initiative or a network administrator who needs to pilot the latest virtualization technologies you have to secure buy-in for your project to succeed.

Understanding how ideas get killed and Kotter’s method for successfully leading change initiatives could help you secure the buy-in necessary for you great ideas to succeed.

Kotter’s Method for Leading Change:

  • Gain attention by allowing the attackers in and letting them attack.
  • Win the minds of the relevant audience with simple, commonsense responses.
  • Win their hearts by showing respect.
  • Constantly monitor the people whose hearts and minds you need.
  • Prepare in advance.

The Four Strategies People Will Use to Kill Great Ideas

  • Fear Mongering
  • Death by Delay
  • Confusion
  • Character Assassinations

Consider yourself prepared… Go be the change.