By: The CPI Team On: June 17, 2016 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

It only takes one poor customer experience to tarnish a company’s brand. Typically, it’s your front line employees (a receptionist, cashier or customer service agent) who will make or break a customer’s experience.

I recently visited family in the Philadelphia area and stayed at an independent boutique hotel. Upon arrival, the front desk clerk grimaced as she checked me in. It was evident that my presence was inconveniencing her. She handed me my key and without even a “Is there anything else you need?” or “Have a good night” she stared at me as if to say “We’re done here…leave me alone”. Unfortunately, the clerk’s attitude didn’t improve over the weekend and neither did my perception of the hotel. My room was fine, the hotel was in close proximity to my family, but sadly the lasting memory I’ll have of my stay is the very poor customer service I experienced.

Although my disappointing experience came in the form of face-to-face interaction, many businesses rely on Customer Service Agents, whether via phone, interactive messaging, live chat, etc., to guide customers through what will hopefully be a rewarding customer experience. According to a recent Forbes article, customers form an impression of a business in the first 7 seconds of contact. That being said, it is crucial that businesses have the proper CX tools in place to ensure customers receive the answers and solutions required to come away with a positive and satisfied feeling. The Forbes article goes on to state that 3 out of 4 customers say they will spend more money with a company based on positive customer service.

Here are five simple tips your Customer Service Agents can do right now (without any cost) to boost customer experience:

  1. Be a good listener and make sure customers feel important and appreciated
  2. Identify and anticipate the customer’s needs and give them more than what is expected
  3. Provide quick responses and solid answers
  4. Invite feedback and accept criticism
  5. Focus on the relationship, not on the sale


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