By: Chris Laughlin On: November 09, 2016 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Have you heard the term “happy wife, happy life?” Well, the same could apply to your quality program, but it goes something like this “happy agents, happy customers.”

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with two of my customers to share experiences and ideas. One is a large power company, and the other is a large logistics company. The power company has strict guidelines and regulation requirements, so its quality management is very mature and defined. The logistics company is still embracing the concept that they even have a contact center.

The CPI team is helping them through their journey of change, showing them how leveraging the great tools can assist them in advancing their business – and even more important, their relationship with their customers and drivers. Two companies from two totally different ends of their journey.

The power company is doing some interesting things with the tools and their processes. They are getting customer feedback by offering surveys to their customers along several communication points. If the customer is in self-service area or the IVR, they will ask, “How was the experience?”  If they happen to get to a live agent, they present the survey again. If they send an e-mail, they are offered the survey. This all is built into their quality program. The quality managers score the agents from both the surveys and by listening to recordings, then rating them. The agent receives a score and a score card with the results.

Once the quality managers complete these surveys, they meet with upper management to share the results on scores above 90% and any score below 60%. This allows them to present the results, both positive and negative, to the team. The supervisor goes over why the caller has negative feedback and then shares better ways to help customers in similar situations.

In the past, they outsourced quality and surveys. They did not have them connected and were not seeing the immediate results to share with the team. Surveys were rarely completed and now they have customers who actually call back asking to complete the survey. The tools are much easier to use from the customer side as well as the agent and supervisor side, which has helped improve internal moral.

Simply put, make your agents happy and they will make your customers happy.

Having a quality program is a key measuring tool in delivering a great customer experience. Contact CPI to learn how we can help you and your contact center.