By: Derrick Chin On: October 12, 2016 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Does AX=CX?

In a recent conversation with a customer, I was asked this question, “Is there any way to add some pizzazz to the agent workspace?” The short answer to the question is of course, “Yes.”

Questions of this nature come up from time to time, and although this seems like a simple question, it’s a little more complicated than it may appear. Here are a couple things to think about before changing the Agent Experience:


The function of the components for your Agent Experience determine the success for your agents. Things have to work as advertised. Someone may attempt to use an umbrella that does not shield them from the rain, but the next time that person needs protection from the weather, they are going to reach for a different umbrella. Tools that your agents use to interact with their customer follow this same path. If your agent attempts to use something and it does not work when they need it to work, they will find an alternative method. Here is a simple, two question test that you can use for your agent workspace:

  1. What is the tool supposed to do?
  2. Does the tool accomplish this?

Not to oversimplify, but whether we are a rocket scientist, brain surgeons, or someone trying to create the best Agent Experience that they can, we expect complicated algorithms and complex matrices to help to determine if we are getting value, when all we need are these two simple questions.


The relationship that form has with function is tricky, because often you see an emphasis on one over the other. Most companies associate ROI with function, but far too often they realize that there is more than just “how it works”. There is an intrinsic value to having an appealing Agent Experience. Agents are the frontline for your customers and for them, the difference between having an appealing look to the workspace versus adapting a purely functional look could be the difference between good and bad customer interaction.

Form and function are ingredients to the perfect Customer Experience, but just like in any other recipe, they need to be used mindfully and in harmony with the other.

If you find yourself “stuck” and realize you need a better balance between Form and Function, please leave us a comment below or email us directly.