By: Colin Doggett On: June 03, 2016 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Like many children at an early age, I was fascinated by NASA, outer space and the speed of technology change. As an adult I continue to watch the industry and am blown away by the actions of one specific entrepreneur in the segment, Elon Musk and his company SpaceX. For those of us working within the service and customer support industry there is huge opportunity to grow through the experiences we see outside of our industry segment.

Here are a couple takeaways from an Elon Musk interview I listened to this week. I believe you’ll find these insights helpful as you manage your contact center.


In the interview, Elon spoke a message that can resonate with all industries. He asked his team to imagine a pallet of cash falling through the atmosphere which was going to burn up and smash into a million pieces upon impact. The example was to help motivate his company to find a better way to recover its rockets and save the company millions of dollars. When he set the goal the company had yet to even launch a rocket let alone land one. “Something no Government or Industry has accomplished”

Mr. Musk’s example is specific to the goals of SpaceX but it can be applied to contact centers and customer support organizations. For many companies the contact center is the landing pad to save the “pallet of cash”. The contact center is one of the best methods to catch the falling cash before it smashes into a million pieces. The contact center does not have to represent a cost to an organization if it can quantify the savings.

Vision and Goals

Setting goals for your customer service rep’s can be a daunting challenge for management. Are the goals too easy, too hard, or not aligned with a vision? The critical piece of information I take away from the above example is that vision is critical before goal setting. Having a strategic vision for your contact center and being able to communicate it effectively will provide a foundation so you can also land your “pallet of cash”.

My concluding thought is that you will not always land the first time. Learn from your customer interactions and improve upon them. You will experience failure and may lose some customers before perfecting a great customer experience.

How many customers have you landed today?


Source: ReCode Conference
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