By: Derrick Chin On: June 14, 2017 In: Contact Center, Queued IN Comments: 0

In most contact centers, your Knowledge Base has a name, sometimes a couple of names. Usually it’s something like Bob or Sue. Mine was named Deb. Your Knowledge Base usually works about 40 hours a week and usually takes a few breaks during the day, with the longest break to usually eat a meal. If you’re lucky enough to have a contact center that operates more than 5 days a week, then there are two days that you don’t have access to your Knowledge Base.

Can your Knowledge Base be something more?

Far too often the Knowledge Base stays with your most experienced agent. Unfortunately, in some cases, your Knowledge Base may even be the agent who chimes in the most. It’s okay to want more from your Knowledge Base. Today is as good of a day as any to start changing things.

Knowledge is a commodity, not a task

I am sure for some, the thought of having to compile the “Knowledge” would mean meeting after meeting after meeting discussing procedure and process. But is that really what this is about? Your processes are already set, there’s no need to rehash them. What is more important are the reoccurring issue. The ones that keep coming up, call after call. Contact after contact. Compiling Knowledge will only help you once. You need to find a way to harvest the Knowledge and keep it cultivated.

Harvesting Knowledge doesn’t have to be lonely

QueuedIN-Overlay-01Creating a Knowledge Base can be very much like growing plants. But instead of looking at it in the scale of a backyard garden, change the perspective so that it is more of a farm. If you use the same techniques as you use in the garden on the farm, you would never be able to accomplish much.  The same is true with your Knowledge Base. A Knowledge Base cannot be created by one person. You will need to help your team to specialize, while this allows for you to focus on optimizing the Knowledge Base and preparing it for consumption both internally and externally.

If this is a topic that has caught your attention, you’re in luck. CPI is hosting a Queued IN event to address this very topic. We will talk about how your Knowledge Base can be more than it is today. The first thing that you can do to start changing your Knowledge Base is to register for this upcoming Queued IN event. Knowing is half the battle, right? See you there!