By: Derrick Chin On: April 24, 2018 In: Oracle, Service Cloud Comments: 0

April’s Ask the Experts webinar focused on Knowledge Effectiveness. I wanted to share a few highlights on the topic as well as the recording of the webinar.  I hope you find the information helpful and insightful!

Knowledge Base Optimization

Total Visits

Not all answers should be treated equally. It is important to understand the popularity of a knowledge answer to determine the priority in which this knowledge answer should be optimized.

Exit %

Reducing abandonment is an optimization that tends to have the most noticeable effect on overall Contact Center efficiency and effectiveness.

Time on Answer

Just like Average Speed of Answer, the goal of metrics like Time on Answer is to establish a threshold where customers begin abandoning the current channel, potentially to reach out to other channels.

Escalation %

This metric is important because it helps us complete the picture regarding our understanding of how customers behave while using our knowledge answers.

Have questions about Knowledge Effectiveness? Reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you.

Thanks for reading/watching!

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