By: Paul Ridenhour On: August 10, 2018 In: Contact Center Comments: 0

Have you ever contacted a company more than once to resolve the same issue?
Did your opinion of that company change drastically after your experience?
Why do you think it was so difficult to resolve your problem?

Could it have been the result of inadequate training or coaching?
Was the representative having a bad day and simply forgot to click “SUBMIT” at the end of the call?

… OR …

Was it a breakdown in the company’s established processes?  Possibly a situation where the agent didn’t have access to enough current detailed information or instructions on how to resolve the problem.

You’d be surprised to discover that in most cases the person assisting you wanted to fix the issue you contacted them about, but sadly, they may have been relying on outdated information or not have known exactly how or where to begin to rectify the problem due to a lack of existing documentation.

Regardless of the exact circumstances, having to contact a company multiple times to resolve the same concern generates a negative customer experience. In turn, this may lead them to re-assess their business relationship with your company in the future.  Furthermore, factor in social media and the customer’s ability to provide instant feedback online to your existing clients (as well as potential future clients) about their experience, it is even more critical for representatives to be well-equipped. Do your agents have the proper tools and information that will allow them to resolve an issue during the first interaction and help ensure an overall positive customer experience?

In today’s digital environment, processes and procedures change rapidly – at the click of a button.  We have all become familiar with seemingly endless updates for our computers and cell phones. The same goes for our contact centers. The problem many companies encounter in today’s rapidly changing world is ensuring information and related process updates are conveyed to their representatives in a timely fashion.

Successful content and knowledge management is a crucial component to every company’s success. 

Representatives of your brand should have access to a knowledge base or similar repository containing information about the products, services, and solutions your company offers. This resource should be reviewed and refreshed constantly and should include detailed guidelines on how to resolve most common customer issues.  In essence, these repositories are living encyclopedias and instructional manuals for your brand. They also help ensure information doesn’t become trapped in a silo.  For instance, if employee A became ill or left the company, employee B could step in and help fill the gap.

Customers desire to conduct business with companies who provide exceptional products and services, communicate clearly, exhibit competence and efficiency, respect their time, and set clear expectations.  Accordingly, your staff should have the knowledge and capability of answering any questions about your offerings. Additionally, they need the tools to be able to quickly resolve common difficulties that may arise with the client.

Are you utilizing the right tools, platforms, and resources to ensure your company’s knowledge and content materials are updated quickly and efficiently? Is your business looking for other methods to increase customer satisfaction, drive and leverage operational efficiencies, or simply improve your bottom line?  Then let’s have a conversation. Our team can help you achieve your organization’s goals!