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CPI’s EMP Solution gives Emergency Managers the framework for managing emergency plan submissions and providing greater visibility and efficiency when it comes to tracking and managing emergency management plan reviews.

Emergency Management Plan Solution Submission and Review Features

Do More with Less:

  • All submissions are stored by the facility in the solution
  • Track real-time status of submissions at-a-glance using dashboards and reports
  • All attachments are stored in the submission
  • Resubmissions are automatically added to the original submission
  • Billable time is tracked within the tool
  • All email communications are sent and received through the solution
  • Save time using  pre-existing email templates for each stage in the review cycle
  • Easily create invoice documentation
  • Generate and send approval email once payment has been received
  • Automatically send reminder notices for renewals

Submit all documentation via submission page. Communicate through a single tool. Approve with the click of a button.


  • Facilities easily submit all documentation via submission page.
  • Submissions can be stored by facility or contact name allowing for an easy search.
  • Reviewers can see at-a-glance the documents received, review cycle status, and all appropriate due dates.
  • Dashboard views provide at-a-glance visibility to all submissions and statuses.


  • Send and receive responses within the submission ticket.
  • Use email templates to quickly send resubmission questions, request invoices, and approvals.
  • Log all communication for historical review and audit capability.


  • Approvals can happen with the click of a button.
  • All approval and expiration dates are captured for future proactive communications.
  • All approval process history and documentation is stored with the submission.
  • Approval letter can be sent directly from the solution when the appropriate criteria have been met.

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Georgia Department of Administrative Services Modernizes Customer Experience

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